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Wardrobe Consulting

In a world where 90% of communication is nonverbal make sure you are communicating the right message. From the moment we walk into a room, we give out non-verbal signals by the way we dress and conduct ourselves. 

Psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone; 55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance. In reality, what you wear is not a shallow consideration; it could make or break your meeting, opportunity or event. Understanding which styles, colors and accessories suit you the best is vital to portraying a confident and successful image.

Or maybe you feel good about your day-to-day look. Every woman has special occasions where she needs to look and feel extra confident. We can assist you with wedding event styling, date night, holiday parties, reunions, interviews, or a big presentation.  

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Personal Consultation - 1 hour Free 
Take your first step towards a new style. We will meet you for a one-on-one consultation to answer all of your questions and identify your wants, needs and style goals. At that point we can recommend the best and most affordable plan of action for you. 

Travel Styling- 2 hours $195
If you're traveling for business or pleasure, let us combine the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe to create perfect looks for every day of your trip. Ensuring that you are compliant with country customs, you don't pack too much, or get caught with nothing to wear. Your stylist will document your outfits in a virtual guide before you pack, so you can leave town feeling confident, relaxed and fierce.

Fitting Room Ready- 4 hours $325
Do you hate to shop? Well this is the most efficient and enjoyable shopping experience of your life. Spend an afternoon trying on items and exploring new looks from multiple boutiques and retailers. Everything is pre-selected for you. No combing through racks, no finding. Discover the best colors, shapes and styles for your shape, personality and lifestyle.

Closet Finds & Edits - 5 hours $450
A closet audit and purge session to get rid of the outdated, unflattering items that are taking up space. Let us reorganize and help you maximize the style potential in your wardrobe. Rediscover great  pieces and reinvent outfits you didn't even know existed. We will give your styles new life by providing fresh options with clothes you already own. Finally, we’ll look for what’s missing: essential quality items that are key to making your current wardrobe versatile and cohesive. These items can be be filled with pieces from Fierce Finds Mobile Boutique, discount stores or from luxury boutiques for a high-low look. Includes follow-up with detailed list of recommended future purchases.

  1 hour closet assessment (personal style assessment + clean-out of the current season’s wardrobe + shop your closet )
  1.5 hour style session – up to 10 outfits
  1.5 hour guided shopping to fill in the gaps for the few missing pieces identified during the closet clean-out.
  1 Virtual Style Album

The Fierce & Complete Package - 8 hours $695
Are you tired of buying clothes that you never wear? Are you looking to reinvent yourself?
We’ll work to identify your personal style and then evaluate every piece of your current season’s wardrobe, advise on what needs to be reinvented or donated. When you join us for the shopping session, all the styles are pre-selected and waiting for you in a fitting room. We'll also provide recommendations on hair & makeup.

   2 hour closet assessment (personal style assessment + clean-out of the current season’s wardrobe + shop your closet)
   3 hour guided shopping session with access to our exclusive in-store discounts of up to 20% off your purchases from Fierce
      Finds Mobile Boutique, we also shop other fine boutiques retailers  and discount stores
   1 hour Hairstyle consultation and make-up lesson at one of the South Florida's finest salons or with a private artist complete  
      with 15% off your selected skincare and makeup services
   1 free class at a fitness studio that suits the clients new style (crossfit, barre, pilates, or yoga)
   2  hour style session
   Virtual Style Album

Based out of Boca Raton, FL, we primarily work with clients in the South Florida area. However, extended travel is available at the client’s expense.