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#GetPerspective on Workout Wednesday

Posted: Mar 23 2016

Welcome to our new segment of Workout Wednesday.  I added this segment into our blog rotation to inspire you to get up and get moving. I am a huge fitness and health advocate. The most I have taken off from my workouts has been about a month here and there throughout the last 13 years.  I recently gained 5lbs and thought I could use some motivation.  That motivation is to motivate you! 
To be clear I am not a trainer I am just a lover of fitness and want to share with you things that inspire me on my journey.

So here's my inspiration sources

Perspective Leggings at Fierce Finds1.Other women with great bodies

I love scrolling through Instagram on a lazy day and seeing a girl going hard at the gym it has inspired me on several occasion to get up and go workout even when I don't fill like it. Not an Instagram Girl? Look to celebrities like Kate Hudson she has an amazing body and workout clothing line; one look at her and you will toss out the oversized Carmel Coffee down and head to the gym

2. Workout Clothes For Women

I admit it I was a lover of old college t-shirts at the gym. I thought why waste money on clothes I am just going to sweat in. However I am now a firm believer that all women over 30 should have real work out clothes.

For the following reasons:

     A. You will actually workout - Have you ever purchased a new dress and went to dinner just to wear it? Exactly. If you have new cute workout outfits you will make sure someone sees them. It can be going to the gym or going on a quick run just before your partner comes home .  My favorite workout line right now is designed by a small Miami designer Jemea Kingsby based out of Miami, FL.  I love her because she's a long time friend, designs with flattering your figure in mind, they offer UV protection, they're breathable and offer fun prints. Her line is Perspectives Yoga. All her prints are her custom creations . Currently her line is available in my boutique Fierce Finds Mobile Boutique at the physically location only. You can message me for more details and shipping info. You can also see one of the active wear fashion sets  in  my video below.  The top I am wearing retails at $29 and bottoms $59 that's cheap workout clothes with great quality and an entire set for less than one pair of Victoria Secret or Lululemoon Leggings.

     B. You will be a million times more confident.  Going to the gym is already an intimidating task in itself you don't need to add worrying about what you have on as another obstacle or excuse not to go.

      C. You will perform better. Compression pants are worn in sports such as track, football or baseball, in which injury to a leg muscle can easily occur, compression pants are often worn under player uniforms to support the leg muscles and to help prevent injury or further damage to an existing muscle injury. For added protection, they may be worn regularly by athletes who have experienced recurring injuries to the same muscle or group of muscles. < http://www.wisegeekhealth.com/what-are-compression-pants.htm>.
Here's a easy to do, but big pay off workout move to add to your next workout. It covers triceps, quads and glutes. Let me know your thoughts and for more tips checkout my  Workout Motivation in 3 Easy Steps

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