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Workout Motivation in 3 Easy Tips

Posted: Jan 20 2016

So it's a new year and you made all these plans to workout every day. It's only the 20th and you haven't exactly been consistent. It's okay we've all been there. Here's 3 tips to get you motivated and back on track.

1. Get new workout wear: Your old college t-shirt and sweats will do but they don't exactly make you feel good or look good either. Just like a new little black dress new yoga pants can help you look forward to going to the gym.

2. Make your schedule the night before and pull out your clothes the night before. It's easy to "run out of time" if you plan for it it's impossible to forget to pack your workout wear or to go at lunch instead of going out with coworkers. Be sure to use list that allows you to see it checked off. Maybe I am weird but there's something so motivating about striking something on my to do list off. 

3. Set a reward at the end of each workout; screw waiting for a body fat goal or weight goal. Short-term rewards can help you get to those more daunting long-term goals. For me it's a smoothie from the gym cafe or one I've pre-made. It's healthy but a sweet treat that I am not allowed to consume until after my workout. Be sure you pack it with chia seeds and egg whites to feed your fatigued muscles to get even better results. For you the reward may be a great salad spot for lunch instead of brown bagging it, a new lipstick for going 3 times in a week. Swim season is also near perhaps buying a new suit and hanging it in front of the closet is motivation for you or a new outfit or accessory whatever it is keep the terms short and the reward high.  Shop here for 2016 Swim that is sure to motivate you!

2016 Sexy Swim_Celebrity_Style_ Yatch_Swim_Miami_Swim_Vacation

To get you on your way check out Perspectives Yogawear a line designed by a friend of mine in Miami. She designed this line to flatter your butt and conture those inner thighs. A better butt is obviously a 2016 trend here to stay so while you are squatting at the gym look and feel sexy on the way to your fitness goals. 

Perspectives Yoga at Fierce Finds
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Let me know your thoughts & motivators to stay fit. 


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