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2016 Jumpsuit Trends

Posted: Dec 30 2015

Jumpsuits were a trend favorite in 2015 and I don't see them going anywhere in 2016. Designers have gotten so creative with them.

There's your daytime jumpsuit; perfect for brunch or a coffee date. It offers just enough chic without forcing a full on glam look.

Jumpsuits for brunch or bbq

Then there's your comfy cute jumpsuit that helps you fake your life level of effort. It gives you instant cute without having to find matching tops & bottoms.

Day Jumpsuit

Of course the nighttime jumpsuit is everyone's favorite. It says parrrrtay, it's sleek tight and sexy. 

Party Jumpsuit for Women

Wherever you're headed remember jumpsuits simplify your life and they're even easier than dresses because they cover your legs on your skip the shave days or those cold winter days for my up north fashionista. 

Let me know your thoughts on these fierce jumpsuit styles for women. Until then...


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