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5 Tips to Stock Up On Quality Fashion for Less

Posted: Nov 23 2015

It's the end of fall season well summer season here in Florida but you wouldn't know it by all the places around you already forcing you into full on winter and even resort wear attire. I don't know about you, but I'm from Michigan and the last thing a girl from the north wants to hear is Fall is OVER a month before it officially is. Plus, now I reside in Boca Raton so summer is never over all the more reason to stock up on quality clothing from retailers in need of making space for winter fashion. 

5 Tips to Stock Up On Quality Clothes for Less

1. Know the difference between Clearance & Sale:   
clear·ance /ˈklirəns/- the action or process of removing or getting rid of something or of    
something's dispersing
sale /sāl/- an event for the rapid disposal of goods at reduced prices for a period, especially   at  the end of a season

2. Know where to shop the end of season sales: To be clear large retailers typical have 
clearance at the end of the season. They have hundreds of people going through their doors or
thousands on their sites every day. So when you shop end of season/clearance sales with larger retailers you get the stuff no one else wanted.

 When you shop with smaller retailers and boutiques you can catch amazing finds at amazing   
 prices. Chances are the styles probably shipped too late into the season, or in cases like
 fashion trucks or mobile boutiques they probably didn't get enough bookings to sell through and
 the items marked down are simply due to timing and lack of people that saw it;  not because 
 people voted against it.

3. Shop sale items when stores have tiered offers: This is the secret to double dipping. If a store has a dress that used to be $98 and is now $69 plus they have a Save $20 on $100 order
offer spend the extra $31 on a piece that used to be over $50. That way you save at least $50!
It's a sure way to get the biggest bang from your buck on quality pieces.

4. What to pick when shopping sales: If you are shopping an end of season sale only buy things that are appropriate for the season ahead.. I have supplied a list of idea items to purchase.

 You can always take these looks into any season.

   1. Maxi Dresses, Skirts & Jumpsuits -  Pair them with boots, a jacket or cardigan and you have an amazing fall/winter look for less.


 2. Tanks, Tees & Crop Tops- Pair them with boots or pumps and a blazer/jacket and you have instant chic.

   3. Mini Skirts & Dressy Shorts- Pair them with knee high boots or fun tights. Now you have a night out look.

4. Cover-ups - Pair them with boots, mini skirt, leggings or skinny denim. Your cover up just became a duster.

5.Shop in person or with free shipping: Nothing is more frustrating then finding a $75 top on sale for $50 and the shipping is $10! So many brands are offering free shipping with a minimum purchase seek out brands with these deals and solely shop with them. Weigh what  else you could get for that  $10 fee of shipping perhaps earrings or a necklace will be a much nicer add on than the cardboard box you pay to ship the $50 outfit in or shop in person.

I know you hate going to the mall. No worries! You can book your local mobile boutique or fashion truck to come to you. If you are in the South Florida area give us a call and we can accommodate all your bargain diva needs at the convenience of your front door anywhere from the Palm Beaches to Miami.

Booking details can be found hereBefore you go check out our sale section!

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