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Five ways to Wear Exotic Tones this Spring

Posted: May 01 2015

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This spring you can bring out your wild side with sexy jewel tones in a wide array of styles and fashions. Jewel tones typically include colors such as fuchsia, emerald, deep ocean teal and even neon green. It takes a bit of confidence to rock these flashy colors, but if you do it properly you’ll love the way you look.

Five ways to Wear Exotic Tones this Spring

Jewel-toned Scarfs—Love fuchsia but don’t want to make the room stop and stare every time you walk-in? Then add a fuchsia toned or print scarf to your wardrobe.

Neon Green Crop Top—That’s right, we said it. Go bold and make your power known by wearing a neon green crop top for your cocktail date. They key is pairing it with a black pencil skirt.

Floral Print—Floral prints look amazing in a sexy emerald green color or even a deep teal. You can pair a floral print with a solid pant or skirt to balance out the boldness.

Summer Cardigans —Brighten up your style with a print cardigan paired with a dark washed or white jean. 

Neutrals—Add a bright neon green jacket or blouse with a neutral or nude base. You can easily do this with a solid black blazer or trouser for the office.

Jewel tones have a way of bringing out your wild side, so spring into spring fashion by adding these bold statement items to your closet.



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