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What to Pack for a Paris Vacation

Posted: Apr 14 2016

Spring is in the air and travel plans are near. As I decide what country to hop to in just 45 days I decided to reflect on where I have been and what I liked about each place. So what better place to start with than Paris! 


Paris is a just as romantic and elegant in real life as in the movies. If you are planning a trip to there here's the scoop on what to wear in Paris.

First things first. I typically say fashion has no rules do what you want but, that's doesn't apply in Paris.  Unless you want to look like a tourist- there's nothing wrong with this it just puts you at a higher risk of pick-pocketing and worse customer service.  

Think unisex but feminine so if your jeans are a color a guy wouldn't wear don't bring them. Stick to dark blue jeans, gray or black jeans with none or minimum rips; think chic or simple attire.

Prints: Floral print dresses and tops when visiting Paris in spring are appropriate otherwise stick to monochromatic prints.

Knee-length skirts and maxi skirts are good Paris outfit essentials but make sure they don't get in the way of walking. Pencil skirts restrict your walking stride and a maxi that is too long can have you less than glamorously tripping when mixed with walking on cobblestone.  Mini-skirts are okay to pack for Paris but make sure they aren't too tight and pair with leggings or tights. 

Coats: Trench, motorcycle or Pete coats are all fine.
paris_tights_skirt_ballet_flatsParis Coat


Daytime Style Options: Pair the looks below with black leggings and ankle or knee boots to complete the look. If ever in doubt always do black or stripes in Paris.



Night Style: It's fine to wear heels and wedges for nightlife if you plan to take a taxi otherwise it can be a cobblestone nightmare. Stick to chunky heels and pumps without platforms for the best Parisian look.

You don't have to be ultra conservative at night but don't go full Miami Party Style.

Here are some good options: (Make sure your pencil skirt meets the crop top leaving just a slither of skin)

Stripe 2 piece skirt set

If you do nothing else follow these rules:

1. No gym shoes, sneakers or kicks - whatever you call them they need not apply. Unless you are doing something athletic. However, if you have some really stylish gym shoes it's fine but this means not shoes you'd actually wear to the gym. Again many tourists will have them on it's just a matter of how noticeable you want to be. 

2. Rule #1 doesn't mean wear high heels. I am a high heel lover but in Paris (if you do it right) you will be walking A LOT pack ballet flats and boots that are polished, nice, flat and weatherproof in case it rains; faux or real leather is a good go-to material; functional and comfort is key. ( Stressed point: Bring blister pads just in case and break in your shoes before going especially ballet flats.)

Consider these Paris walking shoes for women. Boots are fine to wear in early Spring. Paris early spring is like up north U.S. spring from my experience not like a hot Florida spring.

Black Flats to Pack for ParisBoots for Paris 

3. Do tailor- make sure all items are well fitting and comfortable 

4. Add color with scarfs, accessories like necklaces, hats, shoesbags, and sunglasses.

Kristiana in Paris What to Wear

5. Those of you who know or follow me on Instagram or Facebook probably recognize that I am not my usual made-up self in the picture above. If you have noticed it's on purpose because A.) Parisians tend to wear more natural toned make-up B.) Who has time for 45 min make-up in Paris? I stuck to a 10 min routine. Below, you will see I did a bit more make-up this day but remember you are there to enjoy yourself so get out and about! 

make-up in Paris

6. No flip-flops or shorts overall the dress attire there is business casual even when not doing business. Nice sandals are okay but not flip-flops. Shorts you can wear if they are not denim and Bermuda length mostly worn by people under 25 or people with amazing legs. If you dress them up nicely it's safe to wear. 

7. Leave the diamonds at home opt for fashion jewelry like this to add bling.

8. Wear light fabrics and dress in layers you will thank yourself: Layers meaning: a tank, a blazer, and a scarf or a sweater a scarf and a shirt underneath. This way if it gets hot you can take it off and add it to your bag if it gets cold you can put it back on instead of trekking all the way back to your room. 

9. Do not pack your brights unless it's a scarf, accessories or top. This means no colored, pastel pants or coats. Stick to dark colors.

Things to remember for Paris:

1. Umbrella - one you can attach to a carrying bag or purse, not a big over-sized one. Can you spot my umbrella below? 

Umbrella for Paris

2. European Adapter many flat irons have died in Paris. Please bring this so that you can charge your phones, cameras and other electronic essentials 

3. Trip Advisor Offline App - this will save you tons of lost time. (caution not everything is 100% correct but it does navigate you and it's safer than pulling out a 1976 map

4. Don't overstep. Americans tend to walk fast and this will lead to passing a lot. Everything is much closer than it appears on the map. 

5. Copy all passports and documentation for the trip plans, flights, etc before leaving home add a copy to your luggage and carry-on. 

6. Washcloths many hotels don't provide them so bring your own

7. Small bills for restroom stops

Now let's shop for Paris!

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Must Pack Rule of all time: Be Functional, Comfortable, Fun & Fierce!

Avoir un bon voyage,


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  • Posted by rania on April 16, 2016

    That’s a great list to follow. Yes heels won’t work since you will be doing much walking but runners as you said will not cut it either.

  • Posted by Neisi Hornaday on April 14, 2016

    THANK YOU!! This is soo helpful. Great tips, links and pictures. Time to shop!!!

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